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Chairman Message

S.G.T.B. School has been set up with an aim to provide comprehensive knowledge to Student enabling them to meet with challenges and needs of changing times. Using innovative methods, stress is on making classroom learning easy and interesting in order, to achieve all -round development i.e. physical, mental and spiritual growth of students. Motivated and experienced staff has been employed to teach the students.Along with learning ,treats like compassion, tolerance, respect and love for all forms of life will be inculcated.

Actually,S.G.T.B. School has come into existence to serve the nation in the field of education,without any consideration and criteria for caste, creed and religion.

Without the active co-operation of parents, it is not possible to shape up the future kids. let us join hands to inculcate noble virtues in our kids to make them agile, versatile, competent, humble and intelligent. School Diary is a medium that establishes a contact between teachers and parents. Parents should go through the diary everyday so as to request themselves with learning topics and other activities dealt in school. Moreover I amthankful to all those inspiring soul who encouraged me throughout this journey which enabled me to establish this school within a short span of time. It is the suggestions, courage, advices and blessings of all my well wishers who inspired me whenever I felt solitary and tired.
I, being the chairman of S.G.T.B. School,welcome comments, suggestions, innovative and constructive ideas from all concerned in general and staff, students and parents in particular.

Thank you
With warm regards
Sh. Jaipal Sharma