Admission Procedure


Admission Procedure

The admission form should have the following documents attached :
1. Copy of Birth certificate (Hospital/Municipal Committee/Village Panchayat).
2. Online School Leaving Certificate.
3. Report Card.
4. Copies of Aadhar Cards of Student and his/her parents.
The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.

In case the child has had a medical history of any serious disease or is suffering from any chronic illness, it is important that the school be informed at the time of admission. This is to ensure that the child is kept under watch in the school and in case of any emergency, the doctor can be informed accordingly.


1. Students can be withdrawn from the school by giving one month’s notice. In the absence of such a notice, one month’s fee will be charged. No transfer certificate will be issued until all the dues are cleared.
2. If the result is poor consistently for two years, the student can be asked to leave the school.
3. The school authorities reserve the right to dismiss those students who fail to maintain the discipline of the school.

Important Note

1. Van facility is provided for the whole session. Request for seeking or discontinuation of the same in the mid of the session shall not be granted.
2. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles and cash to school.
3. Students are not allowed to receive visitors or phone calls during school hours except in case of emergency. Verbal request to allow children to go home before time will not be accepted.
4. Every student is expected to take care of school property. He will have to pay for any damage he does to school property or anything belonging to fellow students.
5. Disobedience or conduct injurious to discipline of the school will be dealt seriously.
6. Regularity and punctuality are essential. Absence without an application will invite a fine of Rs. 10/- per day.
7. Right to amend rules is reserved with the Managing Committee ; in case of any dispute, jurisdiction will be Kurukshetra.